Pattern Shop

The Development team consisting of qualified and experienced engineers is looking after the development activities of items such as pattern designing and methoding. This activity is scientifically carried out using the Simulation software from M/s Oriental Software.

A well-equipped Pattern shop under supervision of technically skilled people and engineers is catering needs of pattern making, mounting and maintenance.

The pattern shop has a storage area of 3000 sq. ft.

1. Materials of Pattern used in our foundry are: Aluminium,
Cast Iron,
Gun Metal
Wood etc.
2. Source for Pattern Manufacture Inhouse:

Capable of manufacturing simple turning type Patterns made out of Cast Iron and Aluminium Metals


Patterns are also procured made in Aluminium, Gunmetal and Cast iron from the skilled and experienced external pattern makers at Mangalore, Mumbai, Shimoga, Bangalore, and Coimbatore. Our suppliers also have capability of making patterns through CNC route using 3D models