The basic raw material melting is done in divided blast Cupolas and duplexed in Induction furnaces. The entire melting shop covers a area of 7300 sq. ft.

Sl.No. Furnace Features Capacity / Specification details
01 Furnace Make Asea Brown Boveri Inductotherm
02 Type of Furnace 3 No.s Core less Mains Frequency 1 No. Medium Frequency
03 Capacity Holding 3.2 Ton-holding 1 Ton Holding
04 Melting Rate 0.5 Tons/Hour 1 Ton/Hour
05 Tapping Temperature of Metal 1460-1500 Degrees Centigrade
06 Materials melted in Induction Furnace The Duplexed Metal from Cupola, Cast Iron Borings, M.S Scrap & Cast Iron Scrap

Material / Metal Handling:

Sl.No. Equipment Make Quantity Capacity / Specification
01 Pouring Ladle-Electric Controlled 3 No.s 500 Kgs.
02 Pouring Ladle-Manual Gear Controlled 3 No.s 500 Kgs.
03 Overhead Crane M/s Promac Engineering-Bangalore 1 No.s 10 Tons
04 Overhead Crane M/s Promac Engineering-Bangalore 1 No.s 5 Tons
05 Overhead Crane M/s Polymac 1 No.s 5 Tons
06 Transfer Trolley for Molten Metal 2 No.s 500 Kgs.

Captive Power Generation:
The Electricity Board Power Supply is augmented with captively generated power with following generators:

Sl.No. Equipment Make Quantity Specification Details
01 250KVA Generator M/s Powerica 2 No.s 250 KVA, 415V AC, 3phase, 50 Hz.